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Secret Ponchos’ not so secret PC reveal

Secret Ponchos coming to PC

The cat is out of the poncho: Secret Ponchos is coming to Steam. Developer Switchblade Monkeys made the sneaky reveal on Twitter, the game’s title with “STEAM” lingering in the background.

Previously announced for PlayStation 4, it’s a multiplayer shooter with gun-toting cowboys and whip-cracking bandits; a spaghetti western with a stylish cartoon aesthetic. 

Rather than portraying tense and quickly finished duels between two gunslingers, Secret Poncho looks a bit more like a free for all, with different classes, a lot of running around the frontier-themed environments and special abilities.

Line-of-sight aiming, acrobatics and an interesting use of the lasso implies tactical consideration, but it’s certainly no Desperados. Still, it does look quite lovely. Fast, fluid and with more than its fair share of character.

The developer is bringing it to PAX East this weekend, so if you’re over in Boston, why don’t you take a look and size it up.

Cheers, RPS.