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Secret World Issue #2 is delayed due to staff layoffs


Following the recent staff layoffs at Funcom they’ve had to delay the release of the games second monthly content expansion to September 11th.

In a blog post over on The Secret World’s website a spokesperson wrote:

“As you may know, this week has been a challenging one for everyone at Funcom. We initiated a process of reducing costs after the launch of The Secret World and this has naturally affected the production schedule as we work on readjusting the team and our internal development processes. As such, we have had to give ourselves a little more time to wrap upIssue #2and the new release date for this update is September 11th, 2012.”

Originally, Funcom planned on releasing monthly issues, each containing new quests, skills, characters, etc but such a schedule requires a pretty fast production turnaround. Dan’s written about the layoffs already, and what it could spell for the young MMO and its makers.