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The Secret World Issue 4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple is the game’s “biggest update yet”; enables player-made stage performances


Exhale. Let out those fears in a great, rattling sigh. Funcom said The Secret World’s updates would continued unabated post-Tørnquist, and now we can see that they will. New game director Joel Bylos is here to ease us through the transition and to explain exactly what’s so bloody large about the Big Trouble in the Big Apple.

Issue 4 will take players via a devastated subway system to the streets of New York for the first time, where a many-tentacled tourist has taken to Times Square.

“This momentous occasion draws the attention of all the secret societies,” says Bylos. “So you will find yourself battling shoulder-to-shoulder with their top agents, which you may recognise from our CGI movies.

“But no matter how much assistance you get, raw power, precise co-operation and clever tactics are all needed to achieve victory.”

Beyond the Watchmen-as-MMO headline raid, there’s a second auxiliary weapon – the chainsaw. You’ll earn it playing research assistant to an doctor who definitely hasn’t filled out his ethics forms, and use it for spinning AOE attacks or continuous gut-churning thrusts.

See the video for revamped PvP, a slew of new side quests and an alternate targeting system designed for ranged characters:

That’s where the blood-letting ends, but the feature list continues with the Albion Theatre – an in-gameLondon location with a suite of dedicated props and effects to allow players to enact their own plays for the whole Dimension.

Plenty that’s new, then, despite the shrunken team. Good on Funcom. Are you still playing TSW?