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Overwatch 2 Secretlab gaming chair is perfect for Genji mains

Secretlab gaming chair collabs are always exciting, but the Overwatch 2 Genji Titan Evo 2022 perfectly celebrates the iconic Blizzard hero

The back of the Secretlab Overwatch 2 Genji gaming chair features a green embroided dragon against a black background with the Secretlab logo above

It’s no secret that Secretlab gaming chairs are heralded as some of the best in the industry, but the Overwatch 2 Genji seat takes the brand’s staple quality and intertwines it with the soul of one of the most tortured yet beloved characters in the FPS game, Genji Shimada.

As an Overwatch player who happens to sport a Sombra-inspired tattoo, an OW2-themed Secretlab is literally the best gaming chair for a filthy DPS main like me. So, imagine when I heard that said chair did, in fact, exist and was, in fact, designed in the style of one of my all-time favourite heroes. It’s safe to say that I fangirled for a long, long time.

Genji is one of Blizzard’s most famous (yet simultaneously infamous) faces. I wondered how Secretlab would go about capturing the essence of Overwatch’s iconic cybernetic ninja in the form of, well, a chair. Looking back to the company’s League of Legends collaborations I knew it was certainly possible (the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series Viego chair still haunts my every dream), but Genji seemed a difficult choice. Sombra would have allowed for deep violets and Matrix-style imagery, whereas Mercy’s wings would make an awesome leatherette back tattoo, for example.

When the (very large) box arrived at my door, however, any concerns faded into the shadows. I knew this chair was going to be Genji, and that’s exactly what it is.

The front of the Secretlab Overwatch 2 Genji gaming chair is mainly white with lime green and black accents

The dragon becomes me

The most striking thing about the Secretlab X Overwatch 2 collab is the backpiece. A stunning neon green Japanese dragon twists and turns against a gun metal grey backdrop, almost daring you to run your fingers across the delicate embroidery. There’s a sense of power when you sit in the chair, knowing that this spectacular oriental creature is watching over you as you feed your heart out – I mean, top frag.

Sleek ribbed fabric trims the chair’s front and back, adding to the feel that you’re somewhat encased in a suit of armour. It’s smooth to the touch despite giving the impression it should feel cool and metallic, and it’s also held together with yet more neon green thread, the colour that has become synonymous with Japan’s cybernetic warrior.

As you sit down, silver metallic leatherette frames your legs. Although not ribbed this time, it gives you a bizarre feeling that you’re almost streamlined, as though it fits tight to your skin just as the character’s armour does. Just as Genji and the dragon are one, it feels almost as though you’ve become a part of the chair. It bends and moulds to the curvatures of your body – especially because of the memory foam head pillow and customizable lumbar support technology.

When you sit down there’s an unbridled sense of awe. No matter how many times I take a seat, I feel those little shivers of excitement. The dragon becomes me, to quote the man himself – and we’ve not even spoken about the front panel yet.

The side of the Secretlab Overwatch 2 Genji gaming chair features textured leatherette

Flow like water

While the back of the chair represents Genji’s heritage, the front represents his new-found cybernetic talents. Trimmed with matte grey and shiny wet-look faux leather, that sense that you’re enveloped by armour continues up the chair, with your shoulders resting just beneath the circular decals that are inspired by his own shoulder pads.

The central face mirrors the character’s Overwatch 2 helmet, with a lime green ‘V’ shape cutting a splash of colour through sleek seas of off-white. Mechanical looking silver stitching snakes down your spine, and a subtle Overwatch 2 logo is embroidered above where the visor sits.

What makes this so special is the subtlety. Anyone could look at this design and go ‘oh, that’s cool,’ but Overwatch fans will immediately recognise it as Genji. Even if you’ve never played the game this chair is a show stopper – and that’s what’s so awesome about it.

Secretlab has done an amazing job of tastefully encapsulating the spirit of the dragon with this collaboration, and it’s a dream come true for a longtime fan like me. Loading into Overwatch 2 (especially Hanamura) feels right, and there’s a real sense that you’re immersed in the colourful world of Blizzard’s FPS.

If you’re looking to pick the Secretlab X Overwatch 2 collab up for yourself, you can head over to the Secretlab website. You can choose from Tracer and Genji-inspired designs, and also pick up the pre-existing Overwatch logo and D.Va chairs.

There’s also an absolutely adorable Pachimari head pillow to help round off your Overwatch-themed setup, too, and honestly, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted by it. Here’s hoping that we can see Overwatch themed Secretlab Chair Skins pop up in the near future.

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