Secretlab celebrates Batman Day with a Magnus Dark Knight edition gaming desk

Create your very own Batcave with this Dark Knight themed gaming desk from Secretlab

A top down view of the Secretlab Magpad Magnus Desk Dark Knight Edition

It was Christian Bale’s iteration of the caped crusader that said, “sometimes the best gaming desk isn’t good enough, sometimes people deserve more,” or at least something like that. Regardless, fans of The Dark Knight can now take one step closer to creating their very own Batcave with the new Secretlab Magnus Dark Knight edition gaming desk, released just in time to celebrate Batman Day.

You don’t need to be Calendar Man to know that Batman Day falls on the third Saturday of every September, a day of celebration for all things relating to The World’s Greatest Detective. Nor do you need the Wayne family fortune at your disposal to pick up the Secretlab Dark Knight Edition Magpad Desk Mat and Cable Management Bundle.

But why should you pick it up? Well, to satisfy your inner Riddler, we’ll tell you. The desk mat cloaks the metal chassis of your desk in plush black leatherette with detailed stitching of the iconic Bat symbol, that would no doubt satisfy Alfred Pennyworth’s impeccable standards.

However, if there’s one thing that can be an absolute Deathstroke to a stylish gaming desk, it’s the Bane of having to manage cables. This is where the Secretlab Cable Management Bundle Dark Knight Edition comes in, with accented anchors, clips, and cable sheaths all undoubtedly up to specification of Lucius Fox.

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And, of course, just as every Batcave needs a secret seat from which to fight crime, every gaming desk needs the best gaming chair. This is where the Secretlabs Titan Evo 2022 Dark Knight Edition gaming chair comes into play, with new ergonomic upgrades over its predecessor. Both this gaming desk and gaming chair are specifically designed to complement each other both aesthetically and functionally, with the height of the desk and armrests matching each other perfectly for optimal support.

You can click here to find all the details on the Secretlab Magnus Dark Knight Edition lineup of products, including regional pricing.