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Is the Secretlab Titan 2022 gaming chair worth the upgrade?

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 SoftWeave Plus Fabric gaming chair packs a few improvements over its predecessor, but the 2020 SoftWeave comes at a discount

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series 'Soda Purple' gaming chair (left) with a gaming PC setup (right)

I’ve spent countless hours sat in my Secretlab Titan 2020 SoftWeave Fabric gaming chair, and it remains an excellent seat even after all this time. However, part of me has always wondered what I was missing out on by not switching to the company’s newest models. Now, after having spent some time getting to know the Titan 2022 Evo series, I have some thoughts on whether it’s worth the upgrade for existing owners.

To be clear, we consider the Titan 2022 Evo to be the best gaming chair for new buyers, but what if you’re already perched on a 2020 throne?

Secretlab very kindly sent out its new Soda Purple for me to check out, and I must admit that I’m rather fond of its pastel tone that’s based on Pantone’s colour of the year. It’s not as understated, as the original matched the monochrome tone of my gaming keyboard and mouse. However, I find that the complimenting colour of the wood on my gaming desk helps the the purple Titan 2022 pop, breathing new life into my setup.

So, it certainly looks the part, but as pretty as this and other Secretlab chairs are, they are meant to be sat on rather than gawked at. Thankfully, the same praises we bestowed upon the leatherette upholstery in our Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series review for its comfort and quality also apply to this SoftWeave Plus Fabric model.

The Secretlab logo on its blakc magnetic memory foam head pillow

Given that the Titan 2020 remains a stellar offering, I’m glad that Secretlab hasn’t opted to reinvent what already works and instead look for ways to build and improve upon the existing design. The biggest game changer for me is the magnetic memory foam head pillow, which not only looks better thanks to its lack of fiddly straps, but also feels much more comfortable. The layer of cooling gel was a blessing during the recent heatwave, too, but I can’t say how much it’ll aid you in keeping a cool head during a match of Overwatch 2.

The rest of the improvements found on the Titan Evo 2022 series are certainly welcome, but don’t necessarily feel as transformative. Secretlab says its new SoftWeave Plus Fabric upholstery is “softer, more breathable, and even more durable,” but I personally don’t feel a significant difference between the two generations. That said, this isn’t to say it isn’t any of those things, more that the 2020 series was already so great that it’d be hard to present any noticeable change without wildly differing from the original design.

The Secretlab 'Titan Evo' logo, stitched in purple against a lighter tone

Then there’s the four-way LADAPT Lumbar System, which features height adjustment in addition to the depth controls seen on the older model. I can appreciate why Secretlab added this, as it helps more folks get that perfect level of support, but the cushion on the original was already in the perfect position for me out of the box. I don’t necessarily find it more supportive or comfortable here than I did on my old chair since it’s in a similar position, but your mileage may vary depending on your height and build.

You can now replace the full-metal 4D Armrests via Secretlab’s ‘CloudSwap’ system, which is neat if you fancy customising your gaming chair with a little extra touch. Personally, the pre-packaged matte black suits me just fine, but it’s nice to have the option all the same. The same goes with Secretlab Chair Skins, a nice addition but not a wholly necessary one.

The Secretlab logo, stitched in purple against a lighter tone

Having sampled the two most recent generations of Secretlab thrones, I can confidently say that regardless of which one you opt for, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the best chair on the market. I certainly prefer the Titan Evo 2022 series versus its predecessors, but not to the point that I’d describe the older Omega or Titan models as redundant.

So, if you’re happy with your 2020 throne, my recommendation is to hang on to it (it does have a five-year warranty, after all). However, if you’re in the market for a new place to park your posterior in front of your gaming PC, then I’d strongly recommend stretching for the Titan Evo 2022 series if you can afford it.