See Brian Blessed become the Earl of Warwick in new War of the Roses voiceover DLC

War of the Roses

Paradox Con 2013 happened just over a month ago now. The assembled journalists in Reykjavik were welcomed with a lovely little piece from Brian Blessed, then holed up in a studio to record typically blustery lines for an upcoming slice of War of the Roses DLC. Now that DLC is out, and like the tiger from its cage, so is the clip to accompany it.

Brian voices Richard ‘Kingmaker’ Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick and Yorkist serial monarch-deposer. The above session reportedly saw Blessed bellow 350 lines of dialogue in four hours – including some for match announcements.

The Brian Blessed voiceover DLC pack is now available for £3.99/$4.99 on Steam.

What other games would you like to see made Blessed, as it were?