See Neverwinter’s Control Wizard puppeteering on the battlefield


Cryptic-forged MMO Neverwinter has a new ‘montage’ trailer for its Control Wizard class. Sure, you can tap into your knowledge of ’80s sports movie montage form, I guess, but I’m not sure how much of it’ll be transferable. I mean, there aren’t many dodgeballs here – just a dude in Tudor dress pushing and pulling the battlefield to his own ends.

He wears a hat throughout, so I’m not even sure he’s toting the regulation mullet. Look, you’d better watch for yourself:

“Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power. Also control wizarding. That’s about power too.” – Oscar Wilde.

It looks a lot like the sort of explosive fun I’ve been having in Dungeon Siege 3 – a game about perfecting a self-developed combat routine, over a series of encounters.

Neverwinter has an odd history, but has wound up an action-focused MMO with a focus on user-generated content. And I’m more or less content with that. What about you?

Thanks, RPS.