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Sega releases retro Hub, puts Workshop support into 59 classic titles

Sega revealed last week they were going to update their Genesis and Mega Drive games to a shiny new hub, providing a virtual game room for you to sit in while you ponder which of the classic Mega Drive games you want to play. The biggest part though, was the promise of Steam Workshop support for those classic games.

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While Sega have said they're not going to release any official modding tools alongside today's update, Steam Workshop support means creators and fans have an entirely new way to share and experience classic games, sharing a host of custom Mega Drive & Genesis ROM hacks.

It's still early days, but currently we're seeing a mix of sprite and character swaps for classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage and others.

Then there's this mod to play as Knuckles in Sonic 1 and a series of "chill" editions that provide infinite lives and an easier difficulty. There's also some weird stuff, like a Hedgehog abuse simulator and a couple of Konami games that've been snuck on there and will probably be removed as soon as someone notices Take a look at everything they've got in the workshop currently.

To celebrate the release, the Genesis & Mega Drive Classics Hub on Steam, Sega has cut the price of all of it's retro titles, and you can pick up all 59 of them on Steam for £16.32 in the UK. Sorry U.S folk, this doesn't seem to be available for you. but you can pick up a bundle of them for around $10. In fact, I did just that so I can go and play Revenge of Shinobi again.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

I was expecting something a little nifty from this. Honestly, what I got is so much more. It's actually kind of rad.

I don't know how much the average person knows about setting up emulators, but it can be a pain. I mean, for my little home arcade (which is basically just an exernal hard drive), I'm using a mix of LaunchBox, RetroArch, plugins, hand edited filters (for curved screen CRT effects), getting the right background pictures for resolutions, and so on. It's especially hard if you've any sense of aesthetic taste whatsoever and you actually want it to look like something rather than just a nightmare carnival of mismatching colour.

This had done much of that all ready out of the box. I like room interfaces. That won't come as a surprise to people who've read me say that. I mean, I loved Fable III's room interface system. I'm a freak of nature, I'm sorry. There's just something weirdly immersive about it that makes my damaged, autistic brain happy. It allows me to feel even more a part of the game world. I remember games used to do this sort of thing much more often.

And then the emulator experience was great, curved screen and all. I was surprised by the startling amount of work they put into just about every part of it. This was someone's passion project. And mods, too?

Frankly, it's rad.

I wonder if there are people who aren't familiar enough with how deep the emulator rabbit hole can go who won't appreciate this? Who won't understand how to? Or perhaps others who'll turn their noses up at it because they (like me) have their own finely hand-tuned Retroarch setup?

It's just... Good grief, you can even change the time of day. It's lovely. It reminds me of the crazy, experimental nonsense the SEGA of yore always did.

If you want to sell roms? THIS, in my opinion, is how you do it. You add VALUE to the roms that they don't have as ancient game dumps. You make the experience better. It's the Valve principle, isn't it? Serve people better and they pirate less.

The half-arsed emulator and terrible setup the roms used to have made me want to use my emulator. Even though I'd already bought every SEGA game on Steam (I like supporting them, and I like being as legal as I can be), that is.

But now there's this. It's great! You may need a very specific kind of mindset though to even begin to appreciate it. But isn't that true about everything SEGA? At least when SEGA is actually being SEGA?