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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice reveals new boss fight gameplay of the Corrupted Monk

FromSoft’s next game, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has shown off some tough fights already, but none quite as daunting as the latest to be revealed. Meet the Corrupted Monk, a challenging but visually arresting battle on a picturesque bridge.

PlayStation Underground released new footage showing off the fight with the Corrupted Monk today. The video takes us through some territory we’ve already seen in reveal footage from Sekiro, including the fight with the mid-boss samurai general and a tussle with a chained ogre in an open courtyard area.

However, this time we get to see a bit further into the level. After taking down the chained ogre, we watch as the player heads out of the lower fortress area to a broken bridge and looks across to a large castle on the opposite side of a ravine. The player hops over to a tree branch to the left of the bridge, and proceeds down deeper into the snow-covered ravine.

Once he’s made it onto a ledge, the screen starts to rumble, and a massive white snake appears, emerging from a chasm within the ravine. With some quick footwork and grappling hook play later, and we’ve made it into a cave, which has a suspicious wall at the back.

This is a secret passage that leads into a brand new area. It’s a sun-drenched bridge covered in red autumn leaves, with light seeping through the trees to create a beautiful and peaceful scene.

Naturally, that sense of peace is fleeting. Here the player is confronted by the Corrupted Monk, a towering figure draped in flowing robes and wielding a massive naginata – a polearm topped with a curved sword blade.

Here’s the video. The new material starts around the 6:24 mark.

The fight with the Corrupted Monk looks like a rough one, and it’ll require all the skills you’ve learned in Sekiro up to that point. The boss also has multiple phases, including one where she drops shadows around the player and becomes effectively invisible, darting in to stab from behind black smoky apparitions.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s release date is set for March 22, and it’ll be coming out for PC alongside consoles.