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This Sekiro mod turns the game into a boss rush

If you want a boss-only run, now there's a convenient option

sekiro bosses guide guardian ape

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – as with all the Souls lineage that preceded it – is all about mastering your character’s capabilities, and the ultimate test of that mastery comes in the form of boss fights. If your memories of constant death at the hands of the Guardian Ape aren’t too traumatising, you might be interested in a mod that turns Sekiro into a highlight reel of its own most spectacular encounters.

The Boss Rush mod reconfigures the game to focus on arena battles with its toughest creatures. You can select any boss to be transported directly to that fight, and each encounter will reward you with some preset drops and a bit of XP to get upgrades with. It’s a total conversion, so it’s not compatible with existing saves, so make sure to back those up before installing.

You can grab it for yourself over on Nexus Mods (via DSOGaming). You may have seen this mod make the rounds a few months ago, but there’ve been some more recent additions – it now includes mini-bosses, new arenas, additional skills, and will give you consumables as drops from the big monsters.

Naturally, our guide to Sekiro bosses will still be there to help you out if you’re having a rough time.

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