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While you wait for Doom The Dark Ages, play this new Steam FPS

We all saw that new Doom trailer and we all want to play it right now, but we can't. Luckily, Selaco is out now and is a perfect substitute.

dawn wears a high ponytail and a determined look on her face

After seeing the trailer for Doom The Dark Ages during Xbox’s Summer Game Fest showcase, all I wanted to do was go to sleep until I could get my hands on the thing. It looks incredible. Unfortunately, I lack the ability to hibernate. Fortunately, a perfect alternative already exists, and it’s out right now.

Selaco wears its Doom inspirations proudly — it runs on GZDoom, a game engine for developers that want to make FPS games like Doom. What sets Selaco apart from the stiff competition is its destructible environments. That’s right, you won’t just be blowing your enemies to smithereens, but entire levels. As your rip and tear through the underground facility of Selaco, the last bastion of humanity’s refugees following the fall of Earth, the rooms will turn into confetti as you spray bullets everywhere.

You play as Dawn, an ACE security captain intent on uncovering the facility’s murky history. The facility comes under attack during her investigation, and she’s the only one who can keep the people safe. There’s a story to be told in the game with full voice acting, it’s not just pretty action — although there will be plenty of that, too.

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As well as clear Doom influences, the developers have also taken lessons from the Fear games. Enemies are aware of each other and you, and their AI is designed to prioritize teamwork so they can give you a proper challenge. It’s no fun if you don’t earn your victory.

The voxel detritus looks spectacular, as does the rest of the game. It’s almost got a stop motion feel to it, very reminiscent of the old-school shooters it’s riffing on.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on the new Doom, then you can buy Selaco on Steam, right here, and it should make the time go by a bit faster. It’s still in early access, so expect it to get some updates in the near future.

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