This high quality, open-back Sennheiser headset is 27% off in the US

This headset offers Sennheiser's staple high-quality audio in an affordable gamer-oriented package

Sennheiser GSP 500 headband

The best gaming headsets come in all shapes and sizes, from ginormous open-back audiophile wonders to cheap and cheerful closed-back cans, but for sound quality open-back headphones are where it’s at. Although they let sound bleed in and out a little easier, the open soundscape that a pair of open-backed headphones produces is unmatched.

The Sennheiser GSP 500, now on sale for 27% off at $168 on Amazon’s US site, is one such open-back headset, and it takes the company’s signature audiophile quality and wraps it in a gaming headset package. Don’t expect something too garish or flashy, either – this headset is subtle with just the right amount of colour and shape. And it’s mighty comfy, too.

It boasts a frequency range of 10Hz – 30,000Hz, and these frequencies come out of some cracking neodymium magnet drivers that produce a wide, spacious soundscape, helped along by the open back. Many open-back headphones suffer in the bass department when compared to closed-back ones, but this isn’t the case with the GSP 500 – in fact, we reckon it’s actually the best headset for bass.

What you want with an open-back headset is one that manages to generate a wide, authentic soundscape without losing out on too much bass – but you also want the bass to be tempered within reason, unlike many gaming headsets that seem to think the more bass you can thump off someone’s eardrums the more they’ll appreciate it. The GSP 500 ticks this box just fine, and with this discounted price you’re getting sound quality that’s unrivalled in other gaming headsets at this price range.

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It wouldn’t be a gaming headset without other features as well, though. The Sennheiser GSP 500 comes with a noise-cancelling mic, adjustable headband, and volume controls on the earcup. The ear pads are faux suede and should feel comfy over long gaming sessions without sticking to the skin.

All in all, for $61 less than its retail price you’re getting a solid, all-round gaming headset that offers Sennheiser’s fabled high-quality audio in a gaming-oriented package – you can’t ask for much more than that.