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This Shadow of the Tomb Raider outfit takes Lara back to her PS1 days

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has an Easter Egg that harks back to the PS1 era, letting you play as a low-poly version of Lara Croft

Shadow of the Tomb Raider might be the latest iteration in the long-running franchise, but as well as offering the most modern look at Lara yet, it also offers a way to go back to the 90s, with a low-poly version of the Tomb Raider.

If you’ve played any of the previous two games in the rebooted trilogy, then you’ll know you can change your outfit at campfires scattered throughout the game. Primarily, these offer places where you can save your game, get some extra story details, and level up, but if you fancy a quick change of clothes, the campfires are your best bet.

To change them, you’ll want to head to your ‘Outfit’ tab within the ‘Inventory’ section of the menu while you’re at the campfire. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to equip a low-poly version of Lara, harking back to her PS1 era. As well as the classic shorts and tank top combo, the outfit remains true to the console’s hardware requirements. As such, you can play Lara in all of her classic triangular glory.

If, like me, you can barely remember the original PlayStation, then there are some slightly less retro alternatives. They come in the form of a version from Tomb Raider 2, as well as a more gothic (but higher resolution) outfit from 2003’s Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness.

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider PC review is out now. It’s impressive, but Matt found that the mechanical ambition is let down by a story that doesn’t quite take Lara far enough. The Shadow of the Tomb Raider release date is September 14.