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Shadow Warrior 2 new gameplay goes from rural Japan to neo cityscapes within 12 minutes

Shadow Warrior 2

A new video has been released for Shadow Warrior 2, the hyper violent and ultra stupid sequel to the classic, sweary FPS. Guess what – it looks really violent, stupid and crude. It also looks kinda brilliant. 

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Looking at this latest footage of Shadow Warrior 2, it’s made me realise that I really want to play an FPS with a dodge button. Dual wielding uzis and dancing around an enemy with swift sidesteps is all I’ve ever wanted – I just didn’t know it.

Then there’s the katana, which looks incredible fun, dashing in and out of slashing range and dicing the enemy into chunks. Don’t even get me started on the chainsword – that’s not a typo.

One thing I wasn’t expecting from Shadow Warrior 2 was the variety in its environments. This new demo takes us from the countryside, into caves and finally to a blue-tinted cyberpunk city in a matter of minutes, and it didn’t seem jarring at all.

Check all that good stuff out in the 1080p/60fps gameplay footage below: