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Shadow Warrior 2 will cut a swathe through Steam this October

Shadow Warrior 2

Hard Reset’s Flying Wild Hog did an unlikely thing when they successfully reconfigured ‘90s shooter Shadow Warrior – starring Lo Wang, since you asked – for modern shooter players.

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Clearly they like a challenge, because the sequel they showed us at E3 was completely different. It features vast non-linear levels, and an ambitious plot that plants a sharp female companion inside Wang’s brain – there to provide woke counterpoint to his macho musings.

Shadow Warrior 2 is a bold reinvention indeed, and you’ll be able to find out just how bold for yourself sometime in early October.

It doesn’t feel quite right to call Shadow Warrior a shooter. It constantly encourages you to get in close, digging your chainsaw into ten-foot-tall serpents and having a real root around in their internals. If that sounds a bit gory for you, well: you wouldn’t have liked the ‘90s much either.

Do you think you’ll be lopping limbs off Lo Wang botherers come October?

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