Play with your old Wang – Shadow Warrior Classic Complete is free

Shadow Warrior

If you fancy some retro super-violence, schoolyard humour, and lots and lots of Wang, Shadow Warrior Classic Complete is currently free on GOG. 

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Being the complete edition, both expansions – Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon – are included. There’s also a revamped combat style, vehicular destruction, and more.

If you’re somehow not familiar with Shadow Warrior, it’s a classic FPS from the Duke Nukem devs, adding katanas, dual wielding, and environmental destruction into the mix, along with a healthy dose of the expected toilet humour.

You play as an assassin called Lo Wang, and that’s really all you need to know about it to be sure you’re in for a good time… If you’re secretly ten years old, like me.

Head to GOG to get it free.

A previous version of this article said this deal was for a limited time. It’s not! Hooray.