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Shadowgate is returning, now on Steam Greenlight


If you’re a bit of an adventure game veteran you may remember the classic 1987 game Shadowgate. If it’s a treasured favourite of yours, we’ve got some good news: it’s coming back. It’s also being remade with the help of original creators Dave Marsh and Karl Roelofs, so purists needn’t be too worried. 

The original game was a point-and-click game, but oddly for a game full of so much pointing and clicking, it was released on the NES rather than a system that supported a mouse. Thankfully this time around the two original creators, alongside studio Zojoi, realised that the mouse would be pretty key to such a game, and are developing Shadowgate for PC and Mac.

Shadowgate will demand you travel through deep and dusty dungeons to defeat a nasty evil warlock who has holed himself up in Castle Shadowgate. To defeat him you’ll have to solve a bunch of puzzles and survive battles in the castle’s 100 rooms. These rooms have had a little DIY SOS treatment, with a new UI, fancy new animations and an orchestral score that replaces the original 8-bit tunes (although they are still there as an option if you’d rather take the archaic route).

If you fancy Shadowgate dropping its drawbridge over the moat that separates it from your Steam account, then you’d best head over to Greenlight and give Shadowgate a big thumbs up.

Cheers, VG247.