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Shadowhand is a card game all about robbing commuters


Positech Games have announced that they are publishing a new indie game: the card game ShadowHand. It’s a narrative-driven card game, focussing on a notorious highwaywoman stealing her way through 18th century England.

Positech traditionally develops its own games, but recently published Redshirt and Big Pharma. They now get to branch out into the card game genre with developer Grey Alien Games’ ShadowHand. “Grey Alien Games are basically casual games veterans who are going to bring the accessibility and interface sense of the casual games market to the hardcore gaming crowd,” says Positech’s Cliff Harris. “Trust me, I’ve played a lot of incomprehensible indie games on steam, this sort of ‘make sure the game makes sense’ experience is badly needed,”

ShadowHand is the criminal moniker for Lady Darkmoor, an aristocrat who now robs people on highways, and is looking to seize an incriminating family jewel and safeguard a special someone. The story is told through a visual novel that links with the collectable card game mechanics. Thanks to the likes of Hearthstone there’s barely a PC player on the planet that doesn’t understand CCG basics, but it will be interesting to see how Grey Alien threat the narrative into the experience.

It’s early days for ShadowHand’s development, but it will be in demo form at EGX this month in Birmingham, should you wish to see how it all works.