Shardlight is Wadjet Eye’s next game that’s out next month


The studio that brought us the likes of The Shivah: Kosher Edition and Blackwell Epiphany – and published games such as Technobabylon, Primordia and Resonance – have set March 8 as the due date for their next venture, Shardlight. Come see its latest trailer below.

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Shardlight, a retro-inspired point-and-click adventure, follows the story of Amy Wellard and her friends who’re barely scraping by in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world. Green Lung, we’re told, is the virus that first gripped the planet some 20 years prior, and is responsible for wiping out so much of their community. Vaccines, unfortunately, are in terribly short supply.

“While the wealthy elite pay to stay healthy the poor must risk their lives,” reads the game’s description, “performing dangerous government jobs in exchange for a chance of winning meager vaccine doses in a stacked-odds lottery.

“Step into the well-worn shoes of mechanic Amy Wellard to explore a dying city, navigate its social hierarchy, and expose the secrets that plague a community still suffering from the devastation of war.”

Sharlight is due to release on Steam on March 8, with a demo to be made available one week beforehand.