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Sheep-based murder simulator Flockers coming to Steam Early Access on May 6th

Flockers Early Access

Team 17 has been rather prolific, putting out Worms after Worms. The wriggly, slimy little fellas haven’t had a break from their various wars in ages. Perhaps that’s why Team 17 decided to focus their energy on tormenting sheep with Flockers. 

The sheep-based puzzle game is inspired by the spectacularly wonderful Lemmings franchise, with some trademark Team 17 silliness thrown in for good measure. And it’s hitting Steam Early Access on May 6th

Though not the finished version, Flockers does appear to have a robust list of features. The Early Access version will include 25 levels, a level creation tool, Steam Workshop integration, leaderboards, a digital art book and a soundtrack.

Team 17 plans on adding more levels, Twitch support, multiple level objectives and physics object creation and sharing.

Of course, it comes with an Early Access warning: “In this first release you may experience some bugs, crashes or compatibility issues. Things may change unexpectedly and scores may need to be reset. User levels might need to be reworked as a result of our changes and sheep logic will get tweaked. I’m sure you already expect this sort of thing with Early Access releases, we just wanted to remind you.”

Any of you lovely lot tempted? I’ll certainly be grabbing it at some point, but I’m drowning in Early Access titles right now.