Might and Delight’s Shelter 2 trailer uses cuteness like a weapon

Shelter 2 trailer

I read the trailer title, “Cuteness in Shelter 2” and I already know it’s a trap. Not a lie, because the combination of Might and Delight’s wonderful art and the prevalence of tiny mewling lynx cubs ensures that the trailer will indeed be overloaded with cuteness, but still a trap. Those cubs may very well die. Their mum might too. Thankfully, the trailer has none of that, but I know it’s coming. 

The folks at Might and Delight have promised a slightly different experience for their second animal survival adventure. Where the first one put you in charge of a family of badgers, this time you’ll be looking after predators, translating into a more forceful, faster paced journey.

At its core, though, Shelter 2 is still about protecting vulnerable animals from both the environment and bigger predators. If Watership Down still makes you tear up, you’ll probably want some tissues near you when you start looking after these big cats.

Shelter 2 is due out on Steam and GOG next month.