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Sheltered’s Bloodlines update lets you track down family members and lost RVs

Sheltered Bloodlines update

Unicube and Team17’s Sheltered is a game about life and survival in a post apocalyptic world where just about everything is out to get you. Previous updates have piled terror after terror into the desolate dystopia, yet the latest one – as discussed in developer diary featured below – seems to bring a slice of fairness to the wasteland. I’m not sure I know how to cope.

It’s survival of the fittest in our best zombies games on PC.

I mean, don’t get me wrong: the Home Alone with psychopaths theme instilled by the last Danger update still exists, and death certainly still lurks around every single corner, but Sheltered’s latest Bloodlines update to its Early Access build almost wants to helpyou.

You see, at the moment, Sheltered starts you out with just four family members. When they die, that’s it, game over. Bloodlines’ new scenario, Family Ties, allows dead family members to be replaced with lost family members who are for one reason or another stranded out in the overworld.

By going out into the wild and conversing with nomads and gathering clues, you can track down your misplaced kin and bring them back to your shelter. Along the way you’ll engage in the game’s four new quests: The Sickness, The Doll, The Arms Dealer, and “probably the most important” On the Road Again – which lets you reacquire lost RVs.

At the request of the Sheltered community, the Bloodlines update introduces weapons descriptions such as how much damage any given weapon yields, and also how powerful you need to be to use it. Here’s the developers going into all of the above and more in the latest video diary:

Bloodlines also adds “over 130 bug fixes” which the game’s designer and programmer Dean Foster reckons makes he and his team “much closer to being fully complete with the game now – we’re getting to the point where we’re really happy with how it plays.” Keep your eyes peeled for Sheltered breaking into full release at some stage in 2016.