Sheltered turns into Home Alone with psychopaths as the new ‘Danger’ update rolls out

Sheltered Danger update

Team 17’s Sheltered (co-developed by Ubicube) is a game about surviving the harsh living conditions following an apocalypse. Okay, I know how that sounds. But as of *looks at watch* right now when the ‘Danger’ update goes live, it’s also a game about rigging up Kevin McCallister-esque traps to combat home invaders, inviting possible psychopaths into your home, and housing a pet horse in your cramped underground bunker. Look, it’s probably easier if you just watch the video. 

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It’s going to be a lot more difficult to play happy families now the Danger update has been implemented to the game’s Early Access build. Your cosy little crib is now the target of raiders, who’ll attempt to break in and steal your food. And, depending on their personality, tamper with your air filters or straight-up kill you.

To combat that, you can now upgrade your doors to make it more diffcult to break in, and rig a bunch of traps involving paints cans (Kevin would be proud), spikes, and shotguns for when the worst comes to the worst.

Radiation and oxygen have been updated too, which means radiation is no longer ever-present so oxygen filters provide clean air for the shelter rather than filtering out radiation.

You’ll need to pay a very, very close eye on recruits now, too. Fill up their loyalty bar and you’ll have the same power over them as you do family members. Lose their loyalty altogether and they’ll bail, perhaps taking some of your food with them. There’s also a chance that they’re dangerous psychopaths who’ll start fires when you’re not looking or – again – straight-up kill you.

Oh, and you can keep a horse as a pet. Here’s the full list of new stuff:

Shelter Raids:

– Raiders attempt to break into your shelter to steal food and supplies

– The shelter door can now be upgraded to be made stronger and more resilient to attacks

– New craftable traps to keep them out are now available: Paint Can Trap, Spike Trap, Shotgun Trap

New Radiation and Oxygen Functionality:

– Radiation is no longer present at all times

– Radiation clouds now accompany dust storms

– The oxygen filter is now used to provide oxygen for the shelter instead of clear radiation

– The oxygen filter must be upgraded to provide more oxygen as the number of people in the shelter increases

Recruit Loyalty:

– Newly recruited members of the shelter begin in auto-mode. Player must gain their loyalty before they receive full control over them

– Recruits can now be dismissed from the shelter

– Recruits that become too stressed or unhealthy will leave the shelter

– When recruits leave, there is now a chance they may steal something or sabotage an object

– There is now a chance that a recruit is a psychopath and may sabotage the shelter or kill a family member if triggered

Horse Pet:

– The player can now select a horse as the shelter pet


– Certain areas of the map are now controlled by dangerous factions

– Each faction have new and unique visuals and dialogue