Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments – the fates of Victorian ne’er-do-wells are in your hands

Moral choices in Crimes and Punishments

We’re all about choice these days, aren’t we? Watch the Beeb’s Sherlock, or CBS’s Elementary? Maybe you’d rather watch a film instead, choosing the absurd Guy Ritchie mess. Or perhaps you should just wait for Frogwares’ latest Sherlock Holmes adventure game, Crimes and Punishments, with its moral choices that could ruin lives and let criminals roam free. 

That’s the subject of the latest flashy trailer, with Holmes and his secret lover Watson attempting to solve the murder of a deceased brute. Ten suspects are in Holmes’ crosshairs, and if he pursues the wrong one, an innocent could end up in the slammer. But what if the killer is actually a victim, too? Should he let them go, circumventing the law but staying true to his own moral compass.

What would you do? I’m not really asking you, I’m just seguing into the video.