Shootmania: Storm launches with a new trailer; binaries and fatalities abound


In a multiplayer zeitgeist warface-painted for so long in the muddy colours of military facade, Shootmania has been a harder sell that it might have been. In Nadeo’s new opus, there are no tangos to down, no ironsights to raise, and no smoke grenades to lob. But spend a minute or so in the company of its launch trailer, and you’ll believe you don’t need any of that bumph.

Shootmania is available to buy now, from digital retailers including and Steam.

“We are really excited to launch ShootMania Storm today”, said Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA VP sales and marketing at Ubisoft. The game has something for everyone from FPS gamers to pro competitors, as well as community tools to stream out to Twitch or make your own customized modes and maps.”

Since launching in open beta in February, ShootMania: Storm has swelled with the addition of nearly 40,000 community-made maps, and a few dozen custom game modes. Even now, on its release date, it’s an exponentially larger game that the one Nadeo made.

Ubisoft have lined up a menagerie of live events and pro tournaments for the occasion, spanning across France, North America, Germany, Ukraine, Norway and Canada. For more on that, check the Shootmania 4 All site.

Our Tim tried Shootmania in beta, and thought it was absolutely ace. Let us know what you think, won’t you?