ShootMania Storm’s biggest patch ever adds grappling hooks and sliding


Is it in its guns? Oh no that’s just bullets. Is it in its maps? Oh no that’s just vaguely neo-Aztec architecture, I think. (Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot) oh if you wanna know what makes the latest ShootMania update so nice, it’s in its grappling hooks. Yes, the second phase of Nadeo’s eSports shooter has proper grappling hooks, and I’ve got Cher stuck in my head.

Nadeo have announced the availability of ShootMania Beta 2 alongside some patch notes detailing the major changes to their endlessly customisable FPS. It’s the largest update the game has received since the launch of the first beta, and it’s of such magnitude that it’s even brought some fresh updates to ManiaPlanet, the community network around which the game is built. Here are the full notes.

Changes to ManiaPlanet:

  • Partial revamp of the ManiaPlanet user interface (3D Menus, removal of the ManiaHome tablet)
  • Integration of a real time messaging system for friends
  • Addition of a team creation & official competitions system
  • Addition of a tournament system
  • TwitchTV integration (in Beta). To use it just open the ingame options -> “Broadcast” and fill in your TwitchTV credentials. Please note that this feature is in Beta, Your framerate may drop and you can experience a freeze at the disconnection.

Changes toShootMania Storm:

  • 60 new blocks including Castle, Wood, Aerial Power Path and Grappling Hook blocks.
  • New actions:
    • Grappling hook: it allows you to hook up on hook block and balance yourself in the air. To do it you must aim the hook block and right-click to activate it. You can’t use it from a Power Path but you can’t fire while hanging from the hook block.
    • Charge Shot: it’s an alternative fire mode of the Rocket Launcher which allows you to fire bouncing rockets (which bounce on any block type). To shot a bouncing rocket, you must stay still at least 6 seconds to load the Charge Shot. A Charge Shot bounces maximum twice.
    • Slide: only possible on the wooden blocks, it’s an action which allow you to gain more speed with right-click. If you release the button, you’ll jump.
  • New moves (like the WallJump, the progressive jump and lasers denying rockets)
  • Addition of a matchmaking system for 1vs1 (Joust mode only)
  • The Royal game mode is available as a Title Pack.
  • Addition of a Title Pack “Royal Exp” which will be used to test the next evolutions of the Royal game mode
  • The Title Pack “Elite Exp” will use the former gameplay for the current competitions

Nadeo also took the opportunity to reveal some upcoming changes to ManiaPlanet in the run up to the release of ShootMania Storm:

  • An Inter-ladder structure and simplified server level types (White / Green / Blue / Red and Black)
  • Simplified transactions to convert & purchase with your economical points directly
  • Improving the matchmaking system (the current one and open it for custom tools as well as doing X vs X)
  • Lan mode for ShootMania Storm and Lan mode back for TrackMania² Canyon
  • Several optimizations, polish and much more (new features for example)

Thanks, VG247 and Cher.

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