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Showdown Effect trailer is a cliché magnet

Arrowhead have thrown down the gauntlet with their new cliché-ridden trailer for The Showdown Effect; it's time for cliché off.

Arrowhead are best known for the Magicka games that blended frenetic button-mashing gameplay with visceral action that led to snap-the-controller in half frustration. This time they've dropped the bordering-on-uncanny valley graphics of the wizard games and have opted for a more stylised look. As you can see in the gameplay footage at the end you're literally a bullet magnet, making for a white-knuckle ride of a game. They look like they're really turning the fun up to 11 in The Showdown Effect.

All in all the game may well get positive reviews, something in the region of 7 out of 10, but only time will tell.

Throw in a cat picture for good measure and I think this fight is over.

You can apply for access to the Showdown Effect's beta over here.

Thanks for the heads-up, PC Gamer.

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