Showdown Effect trailer ‘Le Ballet of Death’


Side-on arena shooter The showdown Effect is a little bit awesome, the latest trailer captures something of why; the simple pleasure of going mano-a-mano with a New York cop armed with a wee pistol and obliterating him from the face of the earth with your cowboy armed with a futuristic pump action shotgun.

Check out the ‘Le Ballet of Death’ trailer below.

I’ve been playing around a little with the beta of the Showdown Effect and it is shaping up to be a great little game. While the play itself is relatively simple, you and seven others run about a tight arena armed with a selection of weapons – anything from a battle axe to a minigun – killing each other until the game ends. The game’sjoy comes from the ridiculous stylishness of it all, explosions are bountiful, and they’re all of the Hollywood persuasion (huge, thick with smoke and sparks) making you feel like a side plot in a John Woo movie.

Arrowhead have closed their beta tester applications page for The Showdown Effectbut you canpony up some cash and buy your way into the beta through Steam.