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Snag six stellar strategy games for less than the price of one

A new Humble Bundle lets you pick up six excellent PC strategy games for a bargain price, with part of your money supporting charity.

This new Humble Bundle deal gives you six stellar strategy games at a low price - A red-headed woman from cyberpunk tactics game Showgunners.

We’ve been spoilt for choice among the best strategy games of late, with the magnificent Baldur’s Gate 3 leading the charge and other big winners including the likes of Manor Lords, Against the Storm, the revitalized Total War Warhammer 3, and now the upcoming Civilization 7. But if you’ve been hankering for something new to scratch that strategic itch, a new Humble Bundle is a great way to get your hands on six lesser-known but well-regarded such games at a discount price.

The Strate-GOG bundle picks out six of the best strategy games in recent years that might have passed you buy, and packages them all up at a combined price that’s cheaper than buying any of them individually. Among the ranks are the likes of Showgunners and Hard West 2, with all six games rated very positively on Steam and the lowest among them coming in at a still-respectable 75% user score.

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Perhaps the pick of the list is Showgunners, which sees you attempting to survive a high-stakes reality game show in a ‘90s cyberpunk dystopia. Contend with traps, puzzles, and your fellow competitors in a fantastic XCOM-style turn-based strategy game. Joining it is Railgrade, a train management and city-building RTS game where you must construct intricate, weaving railway networks and the industry that both supports and runs on them. It offers an extensive 50-mission campaign as well as a freeform sandbox mode.

If you’re of a more historical mind, Expeditions: Rome is a turn-based RPG that puts you in the boots of a young Legatus in the fight against a Greek rebellion. It’s your job to secure victory in battle, earn respect and honor from your peers, and navigate the endless political strife of the Senate. Meanwhile, Field of Glory 2: Medieval takes the wargame’s turn-based tactics to the High Middle Ages era, incorporating its tabletop rule set into a versatile battle simulator featuring more than 100 historically accurate units across 29 different nations and factions.

Strate-GOG Humble Bundle - Hard West 2, a tactics game set in the Wild West.

Next we have Hard West 2, a stylish supernatural turn-based tactics game following a band of gifted Wild West outlaws on the trail of a mysterious ghost train. Rounding things out is SpellForce 3 Reforced, which blends RTS and RPGs into a slick blend where you take charge of a lead character while also building out your towns and armies – think Warcraft 3 but more classic high fantasy.

The Strate-GOG Humble Bundle is on sale until Thursday July 18, offering six strategy games with a combined value of $204 / £161.18 at the low price of $18 / £14.23. All games are redeemable through GOG. Simply click the button below to take advantage of the deal.

You can also pay less to get a smaller selection, or more to offer additional support to the bundle’s associated charity Xperience Studios, which offers support to game industry entrepreneurs and developers from communities created by BIPOC, LGBTQ, and women in development.

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