Shroud of the Avatar has raised another million dollars, no big deal

Shroud of the Avatar raises $3 million

Shroud of the Avatar, the MMO being developed by wealthy space explorer and Ultima creator Richard Garriott managed to net $1.9 million in donations through Kickstarter last year, but it turns out that the total capital raised is actually $1 million greater. Crikey.

Substantial donations were made through Shroud of the Avatar’s website, with 4445 backers throwing $1,119,209 at the project, making the total a whopping $3,038,484. That’s a lot of numbers. 

I’ve admitted before that I’m a wee bit tired of fantasy MMOs, but Shroud of the Avatar – due out this autumn – has a few tricks up its puffy sleeves that’s got me a wee bit intrigued, like the selective multiplayer model, ethical conundrums, player housing and the NPC dialogue triggered by keywords typed by players.

It’s already playable to backers, and you can still get early access by pledging $45 if you can’t wait until later this year.

Cheers, Eurogamer.