Shroud of the Avatar hits Steam Early Access in November; "We are moving full steam ahead" | PCGamesN

Shroud of the Avatar hits Steam Early Access in November; "We are moving full steam ahead"

Shroud of the Avatar Steam

Richard “Lord British” Garriott’s new Ultima-like MMO, Shroud of the Avatar, will be available on Steam Early Access on November 24th. While the team felt initially “nervous” about moving to Steam, a successful run on Steam Greenlight squashed any trepidation. While you don’t need Steam to play Shroud of the Avatar in its early state, the team is calling out to all backers to help them test the game within Steam for functionality.

The news was de-shrouded by a Kickstarter update:

“We were nervous at first about moving to Steam, but are feeling great now based on the overwhelmingly positive and speedy results of our Steam Greenlight campaign, and the incredible support Steam has been giving us.

“With that said, we need this launch to be super smooth. So we need your help in R11 to play the game through Steam if you are willing.”

The current Release (11) has a ton of major changes too, such as an advancement system, combat modifications, crafting and how the Overworld map works.

A price has yet to be set for the Steam Early Access version of the game, but it’ll likely be around that of the “Second Responder” level on Kickstarter, which is $30.

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Amdisity avatarFattox avatar
Amdisity Avatar
3 Years ago

I liked the sound of this when it was first announced and followed its progress earlier on to see what it's aiming for.

I was utterly put off when I looked into it a little more, after watching a couple of video blogs about it. At such an early stage in development they were already selling in-game items such as furniture and similar tidbits for masses of real money, like literally hundreds for an item. The graphics and textures looked like something I were doing at Uni 10 years ago.

I liked the premise, but now I'm getting a real bad feeling in my gut about it.

Fattox Avatar
3 Years ago

Yep, i had the same feelings. I was going to back it, but already backed a few things. Came some months ago to check it out and saw they'd been selling houses for $500-12,000! The $3-4k houses are already sold out.


I prefer a simple purchase and/or sub where everyone makes their own fortune, with as little P2W spillover as possible.