Sienna Storm: a spy thriller and digital card game from Deus Ex and Knights of the Old Republic 2 devs

Sienna Storm

Kickstarter pitches are often a bit like CVs, but I suppose when the lead writer for Deus Ex and Invisible War, senior designer for Knight of the Old Republic 2 and Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer and the designer of Magic the Gathering: Tactics and Star Wars Galaxies: TCG join forces, it would be silly not to their pasts. 

Sienna Storm is what they are creating, a spy thriller and digital card game. Interest piqued? 

Here’s what Digital Knights are promising:

  • Action packed spy/thriller that will immerse you in its world and characters
  • An engaging non-linear story set in modern day that has a variety of outcomes based on your decisions and actions.
  • Multi-branched dialogues that influence your reputation standings with different characters and involved parties
  • Beautifully hand drawn environments and characters.
  • Replay value. If you think you saw everything, think again. Your decisions will open and close many paths along the journey.
  • A unique card game mechanic that enhances gameplay in action-packed scenes

It’s an interactive, animated comic, where the non-linear, consequence-heavy dialogue and narrative is punctuated with hacking, combat and sneaky spy stuff. That all plays out in a digital card game, where gear, intel and skills are transformed into playable cards.

Each match lets players set up a deck, which can be constructed around different strategies like stealth or violence. The matches will tie into the story, too. “[Y]ou never know what new enemies, old allies, or dramatic plot twists are in the cards to keep you on your toes,” say Digital Knights.

And Chris Avellone has once again become a human stretch goal. Hopefully one day all Kickstarters will have him stretch goal. “I’m making specialist erotic cakes. If I get $100,000 Chris Avellone will make them with me.”

If pledges reach $370,000, Avellone will join the team as a creative consultant, much like his Kickstarted involvement with Torment: Tides of Numenera. He’s not alone, either. At $260,00, Alex Brandon, Deus Ex and Unreal composer, will be “unlocked”.

It’s quite the meat market.

The main goal is $170,000, and pledging $34 will net you a copy of the game.

Seems rather pricey for a Kickstarter, but the game does sound fascinating. And while the bare bones of the premise – that an ex black-ops chap gets framed for terrorism and goes on the run – doesn’t sound immediately gripping, Sheldon Pacotti is no stranger to writing cracking espionage and conspiracy yarns.

Cheers, RPS.