Beautiful Narnia-esque tale Silence quietly arriving on November 15


The follow-up to The Whispered World’s post-apocalyptic adventure will quietly slip onto Steam next week on November 15.

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The beautifully illustrated Silence from Daedalic Entertainment follows two young siblings, Noah and Renie, as they shelter from the air raids of a war ravaging their town.

In escaping from the bombs, the two find themselves in an idyllic yet threatening world between life and death: Silence. After Renie becomes lost in the world, Noah must find her and make sure they both survive the creatures of the once-serene dreamworld and the horrors of reality, too.

Luckily, it’s all packaged in a gorgeous painted aesthetic so it doesn’t all seem as terrifying as it sounds. Watch the trailer below to see if you’re in the market for what it’s selling and see the Steam store ( when it releases for what that’ll cost you.

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