Fans are remaking P.T., and playable teasers are available

pt fan remake

P.T. was one of the most delightful surprises in the history of game promotion, until the game it was promoting was unceremoniously cancelled and all official forms of the playable teaser were stricken from the internet. There are still some convoluted methods by which you can P.T. back onto a PlayStation 4, but a couple of fan remakes might just be the ticket to preserving the spirit of Silent Hills for posterity.

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The best part is that two of these remakes are already playable, at least in prototype form, as DSO Gaming have dug up.The first is called Corridors by SmoggyChips on GameJolt, which is described as an “early access” remake with “many twists.”

There’s another by LinusPixel on Reddit, which is a perhaps more practical effort to extract the assets from the original game and repurpose them in a new engine (Unreal, in this case). That goes as far as sounds and texture maps pulled from the original, which should help to give this one a more authentic feel. You can download the playable teaser for this Playable Teaser remake here.

It’s not entirely surprising to see folks taking on the challenge of rebuilding P.T., especially given how much the teaser drew from indie horror games in the first place – albeit on a much bigger budget. Plenty of fan projects of this scope have faded away, but plenty have reached the finish line, too, so keep an eye out, fans.

If you specifically need a combination of Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus, and a fetus, there’s still Death Stranding to look forward to.