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Maxis working on “additional fixes” for SimCity post-poogate


Early this week, we reported that SimCity’s compulsory 2.0 patch had left cities overflowing with bugs and faeces. Curiously, both items had been omitted from patch notes prior to release. In fact, Maxis have since revealed a short-term plan for “additional fixes and upgrades” – beginning with a clean-up of players’ now-polluted environs.

In a curiously-worded statement, the developers acknowledged that while 2.0 introduced a number of significant upgrades or fixes, players were understandably “eager for more”.

“We are reviewing feedback and bugs that are reported and are working on additional fixes and upgrades,” they wrote.

Maxis listed several fixes they intend to implement in the coming weeks, in addition to general improvements to traffic simulation and reducing the “need for rollbacks”:

Issue: Some players experiencing higher than expected regional air pollution.

  • Status: Working on a fix.

Issue: Demolish issue that occurred when players demolished buildings that had service vehicles, delivery vehicles, or agents out in the city or region. Previously, the agents would be in a state of limbo and would not recover when new buildings of that type were placed.

  • Status: Fix works in newly created cities. Working on a fix for pre-existing cities.

Issue: High School buses stuck in neighboring cities.

  • Status: Working on a fix.

Issue: Reports of Game Crashes.

  • Status: Working on fixes.

That still leaves many of the myriad bugs reported by players in the week since 2.0’s release unaccounted for – though Maxis continue to ask for patch feedback via their Answers HQ forums.

Are there any bugs in particular you’d like to see squashed?