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SimCity Mac release will allow players of both platforms to play together

SimCity: nuts to city limits.

When SimCity releases on Mac this June EA are doing two lovely things: first, owners of the game will be able to use their single purchase on either platform; second, Mac and PC players will no longer be kept at arm’s length but will be able to play with one another.

It’s a boon for everyone when retailers, publishers, and the other folk that do business in suits move towards platform agnosticism. We buy into a game entity and we can play it on whatever device happens to be handy and, in return, we pledge our undying love and support to said besuited cabal.

The move to have Mac and PC users inhabit the same servers, again, is plain good sense on EAs part. Their playerbase isn’t split across platforms, they can focus on maintaining only a single set of servers, and there’ll be no inter-platform rivalry if one sides servers went down and not the others (of course, all ire will be directed at EA).

The Mac release of SimCity is due out on the 11 June.