SimCity screens show off new UI and crime map


A god game with a poor UI makes you about as influential as a small Baltic state addressing the UN. It’s a good thing then that the latest screenshots of SimCity show off something of the game’s toolkit.

This first image, lifted from SimCity’s Facebook page, shows off the game’s UI at work on a standard screen:

A clean, low form UI that doesn’t litter the screen. Lovely.

Here are those buttons embiggenned:

That looks to be the standard group of hoykeys;starting from the left: disaster, road, red stamp, Zeus, call the plumber, vomiting loaf of bread, Parthenon, bin, axe & goldfish, hospital, GOLDEN TOILET, books & paintbrush, Totoro, Conservative party conference, and snake in a briefcase.

In this screen shot we can see the SimCity crime map:

The red is either there to represent areas of high amounts of crime or a city that is blushing at recently being caught short.

If you’re interested in reading more about SimCity, Paul saw it recently and got the chance to destroy a city of innocent sims.

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