SimCity Trackmania City video shows how awesome the scenic route can be


Some poor folk see a road simply as a way of getting from A to B quickly. However, thankfully, some visionaries exist, visionaries like MiguelM12345, who experiment with the scenic route.

Miguel has discovered that when drawing roads in Maxis’ SimCity you can make them rival the most vertically ambitious of Trackmania’s tracks, creating a highway to rival even Rollercoaster Tycoon’s grandest creations.

While trying to fill the water within his city limits with roads, Miguel found that if you draw roads in narrow squiggles that each loop will rise higher than the last, creating an ascending ramp. Plus, the longer the road the taller it rises out of the sea.

How high can it go? Let me draw your attention to this:


That thing down there, below the bus, that’s a freaking plane.

It doesn’t always work, mind. Writing in his video’s description, Miguel says that he found that “sometimes it just stays right above the water,” as you can see at the end of the video.

I hope for all that is good and wonderful Maxis don’t patch this out. Hell, if they continue trying to get into our good graces, hopefully they’ll enhance it.