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The Sims 4 character creator lets you pinch and trim every little detail

The Sims 4 Create A Sim

The biggest appeal of The Sims has always been, for me at least, recreation. I’ve recreated my houses, my family, my housemates, and almost every other residence and its occupants that have been part of my life. 

Whilst I’ve always been satisfied with The Sims’ cartoony renders, The Sims 4 is about to introduce a new element of detail with the series’ most elaborate character creator yet. And despite being able to customise absolutely everything on your sim, it seems to be the most simple tool Maxis has ever made. 

The Sims 4’s producer Ryan Vaughan guides us through the new character creator in this new trailer, creating the latest incarnations of series stalwarts Mortimer and Bella Goth. Contextual clicks and drags change areas of their bodies, stretching noses, trimming waistlines, and pushing out bottoms. The camera can be zoomed in to focus on tiny areas like nose bridges, cheek surfaces, and even eye socket depth.

With their bodies perfected, you can then adjust their style, which now includes configuring they way they walk, talk, and compose themselves. Along with the usual clothing and personality trait options, this makes the Sim creator a distinctly powerful and fun tool. There’s a nice little bit of proof at the end of the video where Vaughan shows off his Sim renderings of his colleagues at Maxis.

The Sims 4 lands in autumn this year, so start collecting photos of your friends and family now so you have a suitable set of references to work from.