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You can pre-load The Sims 4 on Origin this week

The Sims 4: just a reticulated spleen away.

The appearance of a new Sims game is always an event in PC gaming. It’s especially so now, given that co-developers Maxis still have their thermonuclear SimCity launch fresh in the memory.

In an effort to prevent their servers from melting like candles, EA have enabled players who’ve pre-ordered The Sims 4 to prep for its imminent release.

Pre-loading will be as simple as clicking the Sims 4 tile in your Origin game library. It’ll be made available at least 24 hours before The Sims 4’s release this week.

When precisely that’ll be depends on your region – EA have planned a staggered launch. It’ll begin in North America tomorrow, take in Europe and Australia on Thursday, and finally wind up in the UK on Friday, September 5.

In the meantime, theSims 4 Create-a-Sim demois an ample showcase of Maxis’ new walking animations. There’s now more personality in the slouch of a sim’s shoulders than in an entire Call of Duty protagonist.

EA recommend launching Origin earlier to check its software is up to date. Their advice should be heeded: an Origin update once deprived me of an entire lunch break’s worth of Titanfall.

The Sims 4 is a Blizzard-steep £49.99 on Origin – or £59.99 if you plump for the Digital Deluxe edition, which incorporates a collection of “fun” animal hats and extra party decorations.

Do you meet The Sims 4’s recommended requirements? Tech aside, you’ll also need to be able to stomach The Sims 4’s missing toddlers and swimming pools.