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All the Sims 5 cheats we expect to see, from money to move objects

Sims 5 cheats are yet to be confirmed, but that doesn’t stop us from speculating which we’re most likely to see in the latest version of EA’s life simulator

Sims 5 cheats: A trio of Sims consisting of a police officer holding her badge, a surgeon holding up an X-ray chart, and a fashion designer holding up a dress

Looking for Sims 5 cheats? The Sims is the quintessential life game, and as much as it’s seen its ups and downs over the years, the series remains as popular as ever. As speculation continues to mount over a potential Sims 5 release date – particularly after the unveiling of the Sims 5’s working title, Project Rene – we’re taking a look at the numerous ways we can expect to cheat the system in the latest iteration of EA’s life sim.

We don’t have any confirmed Sims 5 cheats to impart as yet, but given the wide variety of Sims 4 cheats that have become community staples, we can take an educated guess at which ones are likely to pop up in the sequel… or potentially as Sims 5 mods. Without further ado, here’s our Sims 5 cheats wishlist.

Sims 5 cheats

Here are the Sims 5 cheats that we can expect to see from the upcoming life simulator, otherwise know as Project Rene.

Sims 5 money cheats

Of all the Sims 5 cheats we can expect, the ubiquitous money cheat is a no-brainer. The Sims is a life simulator, and money makes the world go round. Thankfully, you can shrug off the bonds of capitalism by cheating the system – literally. From Sims 1’s ‘rosebud’ to Sims 4’s ‘motherlode’, watching your bank balance explode in a matter of seconds is always fun. Not only that, but you can instantly begin crafting your dream mansion and filling it with all your favourite objects. Of all the potential Sims 5 cheats, money codes are the first that spring to mind.

Sims 5 cheats: A Sim sitting at a computer studying late into the night to increase their skills, while the person they live with stands behind them in pyjamas

Sims 5 skill cheats

The main appeal of The Sims series is being able to shape your Sims to your exact specifications. You can choose their hair colour and wardrobe style with the click of a button, but their skills are another matter. Developing skills in the real world takes time and effort, but the process to improve your Sims can be a needless grind. That’s where skill cheats come in. These cheat codes can max out every skill in the game, so you can focus on playing out whatever fantasy you have in store for your Sims, and they’re likely to make a reappearance in Sims 5.

Sims 5 Move Objects cheats

At this point, we can’t even promise that Project Rene will include build and buy mode as we know it, but the interior designers among you are sure to be itching for it. The Move Objects cheat allows you to ignore the placement rules of objects so that you can position them to your liking. This cheat code makes houses feel more lived-in by doing away with those grid-like restrictions so you can place objects closer together. Move Objects is considered an essential cheat for The Sims 4 community, and it’s sure to be one of the most anticipated Sims 5 cheats, too.

Sims 5 relationship cheats

If Project Rene is anything like its predecessors, then gameplay is guaranteed to hinge on how your Sims interact with each other. However, meeting everyone in your neighbourhood can be a bit of a slog, as can wrangling two of your Sims to settle down and start a family. Relationship cheats serve as a fast-forward button, and much like skill cheats, help you skip to the good part. If Sims 5 has relationships – and it’s bound to – then it’ll have the cheats to manipulate them.

That’s all the Sims 5 cheats we’re anticipating will make an appearance in EA’s acclaimed life sim. The Sims 5 rumour mill started churning shortly after the Sims 4 free-to-play announcement, so there’s no better time to return to the series. Check out the best Sims 4 mods, as well as the best Sims 4 creators and packs if you’re looking to spruce up your gameplay – if you’re not sure how to get started with the latter, our Sims 4 guide to installing custom content will steer you right. Alternatively, check out the best games like Sims if you’re looking to dip your toes into something a little different before returning to the series for Project Rene.