Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption looks like a biblical Dark Souls


A group of triple-A veterans – including a former Ubisoft art director, a Blizzard technical artist, and a Konami senior programmer – have announced their new project, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption. Developed by Dark Star Studios and published by Another Indie, Sinner is expected to release in Q1 2018.

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The game will have you take control of Adam, a deceased soldier on a quest to save his soul. Adam must travel across a desolate afterlife in an attempt to piece his past back together, battling a total of eight biblical bosses. Before each major fight, Adam must make a sacrifice, levelling down one stat in order to progress, and each boss will be tougher than the last.

The trailer shows off some pretty Soulslike combat, with plenty of dodge-rolling and oversized foes, and teases a few of the different combat options available, all of which will impact his fate. The combat is intentionally punishing, which is an aspect of the game that Iain Garner, director of developer relations at Another Indie, emphasizes when he says “Adam will struggle with his physical prowess as well as his internal need for atonement, and his ultimate test will be his most challenging.”

Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption will be playable for the first time at Gamescom next month, and then at PAX West in early September.