Skullgirls update will test your typing skills

Skullgirls Lab Zero Games

While Mavis Beacon’s work to popularise educational typing software may have become overshadowed by her long history of drug abuse and violent crimes, we’re finally seeing developers courageous enough to make touch typing training tools once again.

Earlier this year we had Typing of the Dead: Overkill and now we learn that fighting game Skullgirls will have a typing mode added.

‘The Typing of the Skullgirls Encore’ mode will be added in a future update and asks you to type out strings of words whenever you attempt a super move. Nail the word and the already powerful move will do 150% damage. if a couple of errors slip in you’ll find it does just 100% damage. Mess up entirely and it will do a piddling 10%,

Because most players will be playing with a gamepad, this new mode will require some pretty fast switching on players’ part; making an already difficult game much harder.

While the mode is already working – the developers showed it off in a recent Twitch stream – it will be released with the console relaunch next year.

Cheers, Shoryuken.