Skyforge guild PvP begins with War’s Onset patch, tournament with crowd-funded prize-pool on the way


Skyforge doesn’t currently have organised mass PvP, and that’s all changing soon with the War’s Onset patch. It introduces Pantheon Wars between the game’s guilds, letting them fight for supremacy over the course of three month seasons. This will be feeding into a world tournament with a starting pot of $15,000, increased by sales of an in-game item pack. To celebrate, Allods Team and Obsidian have released the single worst trailer of all time.

The MMO genre is obscenely strong, here’s the best ones.

The worst? Of all time? Yes. It’s technically proficient, but it has a voice over so cringeworthy, so disturbingly awful, that I’m awarding it that title. Grats.

I think it’s when he says “bugger” that it starts to fall down. I even sort’ve like the setup, it’s ‘realistic’ until it all goes wrong with AFK players, magically angry guild leaders and a slightly weird senpai-plotline. At least it ends with space laserbeams, that’s how you should end anything.

Maybe I do like it. The cheese flooding my brain as it slowly shuts down. Help me.

The War’s Onset patch also includes some rebalancing of various classes, with particular focus on the Alchemist and Lightbinder supports. You can also read about the patch in general on the official siteand get detailed info on the upcoming Pantheon War tournament. The micro-transaction pack for supporting the tournament goes for just under $2 and a bit more under €2, contains a couple of cosmetic items, a title and some of the various in-game currencies.