Skyforge shows off its Infected Territories in new trailer


Skyforge – the MMO that blends fantasy with sci-fi and lets players ascend to godhood – just got a new trailer that shows off its Infected Territories mode. 

We’re beginning to get a bit more variety from MMOs of late.Bossa Studios are even creating an MMO called Worlds Adrift, although it doesn’t share much of the same DNA as a traditional game in the genre.

This latest Skyforge trailer treats us to a slow pan through a fantasy landscape full of trees, rocks, lush greenery and a calm river. Light shafts poke through the trees and highlight the flowers that splash colour on the ground. It’s a pretty and tranquil landscape. Until a massive plant helicopter thing comes along and poops out a baby like a seagull plopping on your best suit.

Suddenly hellish organic growths scar the landscape and plant-like monsters prowl the grass. There’s also at least two mostly naked plant ladies.

Infected Territories is a special PvE Adventure for three players and is accessible only during Phytonide Invasions. This is the homeland of the sentient flora, so it’s time to take the fight to them. Bring weed spray. And some clothes for the plant women.

Here’s the trailer:

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