Skyforge’s Winter Celebration DLC gets festive with reindeer… and bearded monsters


Apparently, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Santa is readying his sack, eggnog is flowing and free-to-play MMORPGs are getting into the festive spirit by giving away Christmas-themed goodies. Just take Skyforge: this sprawling, action-focused online effort is holding a special near one month event to tide you through Prancer’s favourite season.

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The game’s Winter Celebration starts today and runs until January 6th. During that time players can join in the festive fun with what Obsidian describe as “chilling challenges” and “snow-covered adventures”. Old Kris would be tickled pink.

New Year costumes, winter-themed mounts and fireworks (presumably the virtual, non-burny kind) are also included as part of the celebrations, while instant class unlocks for the game’s Gunner and Archer types will be made available.

Because no Christmas would be complete without a gaudily decorated piece of slowing decaying pine, the developers have also erected a massive xmas tree in the middle of the park. Watch out for the Khelps, though – Skyforge’s dastardly underwaters creatures are out to spoil all this holiday fun. Luckily, as you’ll probably be ice skating for most of your time in the game over the next month, they’re unlikely to catch your character.

In honour of the more money-grabbing spirit of the season, Skyforge is also releasing two new Winter Packs, which feature fresh legendary characters, credits, costumes and medals. The Arrow Pack costs $21.99, the Artillery Pack will set you back $38.99, while you can buy both in a bundle for $49.99.