Unlocking the secrets of Skyforge’s Divine Observatory

Skyforge Divine Observatory

With all the projects Obsidian has on at the moment, it slipped my mind that the studio was also working with the Allods Team, the Russian creators of Allods Online, on their new MMO, Skyforge

The team is spilling the beans on one of the game’s biggest features: the Divine Observatory. Sounds important. And it is, because it serves as a surveillance and warning system that alerts immortals to puny mortals in need. These helpful would-be gods are all players. 

Essentially, it’s Skyforge’s mission system, and it sounds rather convenient. 

The list of possible adventures start out small, but increase in number as a player grows in power. Apparently the first hundred hours will feature 40 different adventures for single players and groups.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, but these adventure can be replayed, offering greater rewards when played at higher prestige levels – not unlike Star Trek Online – and the more a player repeats an adventure, the tougher the challenges become.

On top of those adventures, which can take around half an hour to finish, are five PvP competitions and 10 large open world areas that’ll take hours to explore.

It sounds like good practise for godhood. Deities don’t need to wander around looking for stuff to occupy themselves with. They just chill out on their clouds waiting for a text.

Skyforge will be hitting Russia first, but you can still sign up for the Skyforge beta now.