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Upcoming Skyforge ‘Crucible of the Gods’ update is huge, adds godlike power, raids, sexy robots


With the open beta only recently unleashed, Allods Team has already started to detail what the next steps for their new Obsidian-helped MMO Skyforge will be, and they’re very significant. The update is focused on giving higher-level players something to do once the quests have dried up, adding various types of dungeons and raids that require the new Divine Form to access.

Divine Form is the godhood that is promised from the start of the game finally realised. It’s essentially super-saiyen mode, powering up your character and giving you new special abilities. It isn’t always active and drains a special resource when used outside of particular bits of content. It comes in three flavours, letting you pick between the pictured sexy robot, a sexy demon or a sexy ancient greek. Video games: they’re all about choice. Here it is being shown off, and there’s more info on the official site:

Once you’ve unlocked your new (sexy) self, you’re able to fight in the new PvE content. This is split up as follows:

  • Distortions are guild-based co-op challenges that give you a placing on a leaderboard, letting you take on harder ones as your group improves. They’re only accessible with other members of your ‘Pantheon.’
  • Anomalies are five-player areas where monsters must be drawn towards ‘Resonators’ and killed to power them up. Each anomaly has lots of these resonators and they increase in difficulty as you approach the center.
  • Raids are, well, raids. Ten-player instanced areas that follow some form of story and feature the hardest monsters and bosses in the game. Loot is, naturally, of equal quality.
  • Invasions are long-term world events that rely on everyone ganging up on the incoming forces and act as the framing device for all the other kinds of content. They’ll ramp up over time as the storyline progresses.

Based on those linked posts, they’re all horrifyingly more complicated than I’ve made out, so click-through for better descriptions. The update will also include a long list of bug fixes that hasn’t been fully detailed yet. It’s coming out on August 11th.

Anyone out there playing Skyforge? Its world, writing and overall nigh-obscene prettiness have intrigued me, but I haven’t found the time to dive in yet.