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We’ve got 400 early access keys worth £12 for Obsidian-assisted sci-fi MMO Skyforge. Want one?


RPGs are about escaping to other worlds, aren’t they? You can tell the Skyforge setting is alien, because it’s called Aelion. And there’s another way you can tell Allods Team are emphasising the last three letters in MMORPG – they’ve hired Obsidian to build the game with them.

There’s another couple of days yet before Skyforge enters open beta – but we’ve got a bunch of founder’s packs that might allow you to forge ahead with it already.

Skyforge is about dynamic combat in a universe where gods and heroes have adopted near-magical tech to protect their planet from invasion. It’ll be free-to-play when released, but is currently playable only via 17.99 euro founder’s packs.

We might be able to give you one of those. Just pop your email address into the box below, and we’ll dish out the codes on a random basis.

Skyforge Early Access Giveaway

Open beta on July 16th will bring new regions, missions, levels, classes and endgame, but the colourful, chrome world of Skyforge is already there to be explored. And once the beta does land, founder players will enjoy premium status for the first week.

If you find a code in your inbox, you’ll want to take it straight to the ‘Redeem a promo code’ box on your My.com profile page. You can upgrade to bigger packs or purchase the standard version in the Skyforge store.

See you among the stars, yeah? The giveaway will close in a week’s time.